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Benedict XVI on the Existential Side of the Cross

On Good Friday, I thought this quote from the Pope Emeritus’¬†book was fitting: In all that we have said so

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John XXIII on the prophets of doom

The gloom and doom of the likes of Harold Camping is nothing new, as John XXIII advised. “In the daily

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Pope Benedict: Progressive Traditionalist (just like Jesus)?

Eric Sammons has written an interesting post on Pope Benedict XVI in which he calls the pope a “Progressive Traditionalist”:

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Video of Pope Benedict’s Ordination

This video has been making its rounds through some Catholic folks on my twitter feed. So, I thought I’d share

Church History

De Unitate Ecclesiae, pt 1

Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage during some of the most severe persecutions, left the world with a great deal of writings,