Pope Francis… Grace above Law, but Law remains

I would encourage the Pope to great his detractors by simply bowing low and drawing in the sand… One of


Do you even Council of Trent, bro?

From time to time, Protestants will stick their foot in their mouth about Catholic theology. From “worshipping Mary” to “works


Oh @pontifex, you know how to woo me.

The act of confession is something Protestants often fail to understand. “The Sacraments of Penance and Reconciliation flow directly from

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The Jim Has Lost His Mind and Amore about Pope Francis.

My adoring fan, Jim West, has written a (another) piece directed against the Holy Father, Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis.

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Pope Francis and Fundamentalism

“It is not a good strategy to be at the center of a sphere. To understand we ought to move

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@Pontifex reminds you he is more Catholic than @RushLimbaugh

First, I like it that the Pope questions God like some of us do: On the subject of children’s suffering,

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@CandidaMoss’s take on @Time’s selection of @pontifex as Person of the Year

Time’s editors couldn’t be more correct when they declare that Pope Francis has changed the “tone and perception” of the

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@JonMoseley and Jesus and Pope Francis

Jon Moseley, a Tea Party member, declares Jesus Christ is a capitalist. He writes against Pope Francis’s Apostolic Exhortation, The Joy