What’s Up With The Narrative Lectionary?

In my wonderings around the interweb last night, I stumbled across the Narrative Lectionary. My curiosity was peaked and so


Thoughts on ‘Legion’

I recently watched the movie Legion, a 2010 apocalyptic supernatural action movie. In the movie, God has lost his faith in humankind


Sleepy Hollow First Impressions

The other night, my wife and I watched the new Fox series, Sleepy Hollow. After watching the first episode, I


Well, Jim is correct but he’s wrong — Theology in Pop Culture

In part, he writes — It strikes me as more than odd that some ‘theologians’ are more interested in talking


Secular Saturdays – “Life” (Elvis Presley)

Somewhere out in empty space, long before the human race, Something stirred, A vast and timeless source began, Intelligence was


Secular Saturdays – Mrs. Robinson

And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson Jesus loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo) God bless you


Speaking of the power of music….

After listening to Bruce Springsteen and the White Stripes, the students handed most of the money to white people. ‘Rock


Secular Saturdays: Blood Sweat And Tears – “And When I Die “

I’m not scared of dying, And I don’t really care. If it’s peace you find in dying, Well then let