The Unsettled Christianity #Podcast, Episode 2

The Unsettled Christianity Podcast is NOW on iTunes, where you will now find it NOW. In this episode, Josh (author of ]]) and


The Unsettled Christianity Podcast, Episode 1 – Elitism, Miracles, and Exorcisms

This is our first podcast — we have several more in the hopper, recording more nearly every Saturday. This is


Sunday Thoughts 5/31

This blog post is cross posted between my two blogs – to start the new one off right. I had


Sunday Thoughts – 5/22

Good morning. What a long weekend, and an enjoyable weekend thus far. Yesterday, we had a cook-out and invited another


Sunday Thoughts – 5/10 Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you mothers. May today, if no other time in the year,