Galatians 3.28 with N.T. Wright and Philo – Neither ‘Male and Female’

Thanks to TC for the link to Wright’s sermon from which I draw this post. οὐκ ἔνι Ἰουδαῖος οὐδὲ Ἕλλην,


Did the Jews create Gnosticism?

Michael Byrd has started the argument, beginning with Philo.


Rational Beings And God

If I were a nightingale, I should be singing as a nightingale; if a swan as a swan. But  as


A Brief Survey of Creation in Genesis in 2nd Temple Judaism (3 – Seven Days)

This is a three part series. (here, here and here)


Is the Study of Doctrine Important?

In several places in the New Testament, the Word of God is served up in culinary terms: And I, brethren,


Hippolytus – Refutation of All Heresies, excerpts

Excerpts from Book IX Refutation of All Heresies Hippolytus 1. A lengthened conflict, then, having been maintained concerning all heresies