Publications and Papers

My @EIR_AAR paper: Jesus as Primary Actor

This is a draft modified slightly as it was presented 4 May 2014 at the AAR-EIR meeting at Syracuse University.

Publications and Papers

The Quenching of the Thirst of Thousands

More from working with Cato the Younger. This is from the Libyan march: Off in the distance a stingy little

Publications and Papers

Caesar, Christ, Crucifixion

I’m finalizing my AAR regional paper and it is going as well as any paper has previously. I found it.


Is Jesus God in the Gospel of Mark?

Michael Kruger states, In fact, it is worth noting that Mark presents Jesus as God from the very opening few


@degruyter_TRS Review: Paolo Asso’s A Commentary on Lucan, “De bello civili” IV

The study of Lucan, the great and relatively unknown poet who wrote Rome into another civil war, is one worth


The Historical Pompey v. The Historical Jesus

First, I’m not going to get into the full discussion – I will side with McGrath because I happen to


μίμησις – Lucan’s Pharsalia and the inversion of Virgil’s Aeneid

I am finding a few things dealing with μίμησις around the time of the Gospel writers. One of those things