Parallel discussions in the blogosphere about Parallelism

It started here with McGrath speaking about Brodie’s aptness to resort to parallelism, a term coined by Sandmel. The Shape

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Blogging my @Energion Book: With a special thanks to Dr. Peter Enns

Dr. Enns, who has previously endorsed us, wrote this on his blog today: The stories in this volume will be


A High Maintenance Doctrine?

Speaking as a biblical scholar, inerrancy is a high-maintenance doctrine. It takes much energy to “hold on to” and produces


I prefer “Ken Ham doesn’t believe Moses” @aig

But, Dr. Enns’ approach is most likely better… Ham’s tactics read more like political ads than how Christians should speak


Peter Enns should be proud – he has a false gospel named after him.

From here: The Enns False Gospel Movement (2011 false doctrine promoted by Dr. Enns of Biologos that Adam was not


Don’t tell the Evangelicals, but the bible has sex in it. A lot.

So, Joseph was a “stud,” as ]] describes him, but he wasn’t the only sex fiend in Scripture. The Bible


Speaking of humility… How many mistruths can you spot?

Jason cites a ‘review‘ (polemical responses aren’t reviews; they are sad instances of someone defending their own presuppositions against anything


Why Peter Enns dissed Adam

I know many Christians who understand the scientific issues and are convinced that evolution explains human origins. They are looking