Remembering The Past may be good therapy!

I struggled to publish this here, but this is from the 90’s when I used to be a TV translator,


John MacArthur’s #StrangeFire is burning

There are often times I take positions opposite of Rodney just to irritate him. This is not one of those

Society and Religion

Megan Fox spoke/speaks in tongues?

Well… I did not know that… Fox told Esquire that she began speaking in tongues when she was 8 years

Society and Religion

The Pentecostal Bultmann saves Christianity?

Image via Wikipedia I don’t know why, but I love that title… And suddenly Bultmann is becoming very relevant indeed.

Society and Religion

Gordon Fee, Pentecostalism and Scholarship

Cover of How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth ] has become one of the widely read scholars,


Review: Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire!

I want to thank Energion Publications for this review copy. From the outset, several things are apparent. First, Dr. Robert


Can Liturgical Worship Parallel Spiritual Worship?

See here and here. The new NLT Mosaic is centered on the use of the Mosaic material, which is designed


Still with the Holiness

I have taken this quiz previously, so I thought that I might would take it to see if anything has