The Unknown Chloe: 1st Corinthians 1.11 in light of the Roman Household

Many times, people focus on Phoebe (Romans 16.1) as an example of the woman’s role in primitive Christianity – but


Ecco Homo Echoes Paul

Michael has made several posts lately that has caused some stir in the blogosphere. In his latest, he is likely


Review: McGrath’s The Only True God (2)

My first impressions on James McGrath’s newest book is are here. Jared Calaway, at Antiquitopia, has posted his general impressions as well.


Can you explain away Christianity?

Two posts which are somewhat related – two questions for you to think about. Let’s set it up: Let’s say


First Impressions of The Only True God

I am progressing more slowly than I had hoped, but I am enjoying James McGrath’s latest book a great deal.

Religion and Politics

St. Paul the Pacifist: A Christian Response to Torture

From here: In light of a recent finding that evangelical Christians are more likely, statistically, to support the use of

New Testament

1st Thessalonians 3.1-3: The Synergistic Minister

Therefore, when we could no longer endure it, we thought it good to be left in Athens alone, and sent


Timothy – An Example to Youth

Robertson: Timothy (Timotheos). Apparently a native of Lystra (“there,” ekei), his Hebrew mother named Eunice and grandmother Lois (2Timothy 1:5)