The Return of The Patristics Carnival

It’s true. I’m bringing it back. Read the link below for details. Good News: The Patristics Carnival is Back!


Church Fathers on Universalism

‘Fire and Brimestone’ has not always been a part of Christianity. Deep inside, I suspect that many today remain hopeful


Athanasius on the Great Physician

For whereas man sinned, and is fallen, and by his fall all things are in confusion: death prevailed from Adam

Church History

The Prophet Amos and the Resurrection, Part Two

Esteban has posted another post in his series on reading Amos 9.11-12. He qoutes from Cyril of Alexandria: The tabernacle of

Church History

Week of Creeds

Every once in a while I do a Week of… series of posts which highlight something on my mind. (Previously

Church History

Lessons from the life of John Chrysostom

From what I understand, yesterday 27 January, was the day that John Chrysostom was commemorated by those that do such

Church History

Tertullian, On Modesty XII – Verdict of the Apostles

Reading Tertullian’s On Modesty as been beneficial to me – as a mental and a spiritual exercise. I have come


St. Irenaeus on the Spiritual Need of Speaking in Tongues

St. The below comes from Irenaeus’ work, Against Heresies, 5.6.1. Cessationism generally states that certain gifts enjoyed by the Church