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We Hold These Truths… (Repost 2013)

I am not a very patriotic person – I do not wave the flag, pledge allegiance to it, or constantly

Religion and Politics

Too much of a good thing? On Patriotism and Nationalism

First, I think he forgets a very basic principle. The lethality of every poison is in the dosage. As a


Are There Sundays We Should Not Go To Church?

I can name 2. The Sunday before Memorial day. The Sunday before or on the 4th of July. Why? The


Leviticus 20.2-3, the Septuagint and Patriotism as a capital offense

During my recent readings into Leviticus, I noticed a difference between the Masoritic Text and that of the Septuagint. Then


In the Mail: I Think Someone Reads my Blog Edition

I walked up my 157.3 steps this afternoon (is it Friday yet?) and found these two books sitting at by


Quote of the Day

Our patriotism comes straight from the Romans. … It is a pagan virtue, if these two words are compatible. The

Religion and Politics

Jeremiah 29 – The exile is not ended.

via Jeremiah 29 – The exile is not ended. « …are you pondering what I’m pondering?. The above blog has