New Testament

Christianity post-Bar Kokhba?

Hereafter, it is possible to trace the process of separation from the end of the first century C.E. until the


Scratchpad: Parting of the Ways: Gentiles as Proof

This is a very old post, a very old thought process – and it has been sitting in my draft


Thoughts on the Church’s Mission in Acts

The question was to pick a section from Acts and write how it tells about the mission of the Church.


Apostle Peter in Late Rabbinic Judaism

I am not so concerned with how the Apostles are treated, so much so how Christ is treated in Judaism…


Was Matthew An Evangelist to the Jews? Matthew 28.15

This is not mean to be a full-fledged post on the matter, just putting my thoughts on paper. οἱ δὲ


Cornering: Does Knowing When Christianity Begin Make You a Christian?

There is a Facebook discussion going on on a page I cannot see, but this is the question sent to


Help Needed: Theories on Parting of the Ways

I need some help. Does anyone have a catalog of theories, or even their own theory on why (not necessarily