The Subtle Heresy of William Lane Craig and Why It Matters

This is another rather lengthy post, whereby I seek to clarify the orthodox Christological position of dyothelitism against the heretical


a Wesleyan approach to the Church

There is, as always, some discussion about Wesley and orthodoxy. Of course, many are misinformed with no intent to rid


Another #QOTD – orthodox is… Freedom

After all, orthodoxy, just as much as the biblical stories it derives from, tells the wild story of the God-man


Orthodoxy for those living without creeds

I grew up in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). If you’re not familiar with this group, the organization began


is Deichmann right about Orthodoxy?

Dr. Deichmann begins, Orthodoxy has fallen from favor among some otherwise fervent adherents of Christianity…its detractors often link orthodoxy with

Church History

Was there always an orthodoxy?

Dr. Sara Parvis is a scholar of a theological hero of mine, Marcellus of Ancrya (some day, I’ll get that


Heresy and Salvation – Join the Conversation

I saw this post this past week, found myself in general agreement and moved on:


To Study History Is To Become Catholic?

To know history is also to become Catholic. We, along with the Orthodox are the only Churches that stretch right