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More United Than We Think: A Friendly Reply to Confessing Movement

Perusing on Facebook–Confessing Movement UMC This morning, I opened my Facebook app, as I am prone to do roughly 18,000


Orthodoxy as Primary to Morality

These are brief thoughts on why I choose orthodoxy. I hope to edit, and develop this later. It is, thusly,


Review: Shapers of Christian Orthodoxy: Engaging with Early and Medieval Theologians

In a compendium of Christian theologians, editor ]] compiles accounts of ten (Irenaeus, Tertullian, Origen, Athanasius, The Three Cappadocians, Augustine,


Orthodox Salvation



Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity

I do not celebrate Christmas in the common way, holding it rather is a family day, however, there are times


Debate: “Do relations of authority and submission exist eternally among the Persons of the Godhead?”

If only I was closer… Henry Center Media. Ware-Grudem Vs. McCall-Yandell on the Trinity The Carl F. H. Henry Center

Bible Translation

KJVO – Pt 2, Deuterocanonical Quotes in the New Testament

Pt 1 As I mentioned last time, one of the objections to the printing of the Deuterocanon in the KJV