CTP: Noah, the First Messiah (Genesis 6–9)

This week’s reading will be Genesis 6–9, but I’m pretty sure this will take us a few weeks to get


“Noah” and “Exodus” – movies of Skeptical Faith?

This is not a review. This is a small post dictating some thoughts I have on the two recent major


#Noah is unapologetically theological (first thoughts)

Noah is the first major, at least modern, representation of the tragedy, the horror, the genocide that is the Great Deluge


Jacob L. Wright: “Noah: The Origin of the Origin Story”

“In the latest episode of Emory Looks at Hollywood, Associate Professor Jacob Wright explores interpretations and the origin of Noah’s


If for no other reason, watch Noah because of @AiGKenHam’s freakout

This is the trailer: Ham is characteristically freaking out – almost as much as the Dagon worshipers in one of


Isaiah 54.9, Wisdom 14: Which ἀντίτυπον of Baptism in 1st Peter 3.20-21?

In the Dialogue with Trypho the Jew, Justin writes:


Noach, The Code Of Hammurabi, And The Pre-Sinaitic Torah

via Noach, The Code Of Hammurabi, And The Pre-Sinaitic Torah – – Five Towns Jewish Times Noach, The Code Of