The NLT Mosaic in South Africa

Fr. Stephen has posted his review of the Mosaic: I think this was a brilliant (marketing) idea by Tyndale: The


NLT Mosaic Blog Tour – 10/30

It’s not every week that we here at the ERB review a Bible.  In fact, MOSAIC is the first Bible


NLT Mosaic Blog Tour – 10/26 – Writing Canvas

(It is a privileged to share below a guest post from Mr. Stephen Vosloo, the Senior Designer of the Holy


NLT Mosaic Blog Tour – 10/23 – Beauty of the Bible

Check out Peter’s review of the Mosaic Those of you familiar with me and this blog will know that to


NLT Mosaic Blog Tour – 10/22 – New Leaven

T.C. hosted today’s blog tour stop, with a Q&A session with Keith Williams –


NLT Mosaic Blog Tour – 10/19

Keith Williams General Editor speaking about the artwork and creativity that went into Holy Bible: Mosaic :


NLT Blog Tour – 10/16 – The Mosaic is in the Kitchen

From here, OK, today is the day. The Kitchen is the official stop of the Mosaic Bible blog tour. We’ll


NLT Mosaic Blg Tour 10/14 – The Internetmonk

I’m very happy to have Keith Williams, one of the editors of the “Mosaic” Bible (NLT) that I’ve recently promoted