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The Hillsong NLT

Image via Wikipedia Since this is a pro-NLT blog, it will be great news that Hillsong Church London have produced

Bible Translation

Examining God’s Word – Psalm 98

First, see Joel’s post here.

Bible Translation

5 Version Readability Study

David writes, I am going to do a readability study of 5 versions using the first nine verses of Mark

Bible Translation

Examining God’s Word – Romans 5.1-11

This week, we are examining God’s Word Translation in regards to the a literal and a thought for thought translation.

Bible Translation

Differences between Translations – NLT Blog

Mark Taylor, one of the bloggers at the NLT blog has a 3-part series on the differences between bible translations


More on the NLT Mosaic – Black Lettered Edition

Doug started a series on the ‘red-lettered heresy’ by many modern Evangelicals. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Peter Kirk


NLT Thoughts: Bitsy Griffin

Thinks to Bitsy for this submission: Why do I like the NLT? It’s readable without the hiccups of more literal


Cutting through the fog of language with the sword of conjunction

Thanks to Damian for this Submission. Oftentimes, reading our bible is like looking at a scene through fog. It takes