Ugh – Once again #DMCA

Update: See my update here. __ My good friend James McGrath doesn’t seem to follow the trail of what happened.


Is Philo a mimetic source for Mark?

The librarian is doing his best to enter into a field that he doesn’t understand. He rarely gets anything right,


If Neil doesn’t know how to work WordPress, can we really trust him with a book?

Geesh. I did turn off Neil’s comments on Steph’s post, but I have not restricted him from post here like


Stephanie Fisher Responds to Neil Godfrey

Neil complains that I haven’t drawn attention to his main focus which he claims is the question of Christian origins.  I


Dr. James McGrath, again, on the Resemblance Between Mythicism And Creationism

In responding to a rather juvenile post by Neil G., Dr. McGrath again steps into the water and wades out


More Mythicist Tripe

It seems that when one seeks to totally obliterate his or her former belief system, they simply replace one stern