Chalcedonian Entanglements

Unfortunately, many today seem to insist upon the finality of our modern ideas. If it is new, it is without

United Methodist Church

Considering forsaking the #UMC for the #ACNA to preserve “Wesleyan Traditionalism?”

Recently, a former UMCer-turned-North-American-Anglican suggested that the “traditionalists” (if a schism were to occur) could find a home in the Anglican


Farewell, N.T. Wright – Or, can we have him back from the American Evangelicals now?

My book on scripture’s authority, Scripture and the Authority of God, makes clear where I stand. I take the whole


in the mail from @fortresspress – Paul and the Faithfulness of God

Whether or not you hate him or love him, Tom Wright has made a solid impact on 20th and 21st

Society and Religion

Not a single statement, Ken? Surely you jest @AiG

Yesterday, in a rant against scholastic investigation into Scripture, Ken Ham makes the startling statement: Now, there is not a


Some commments from NT Wright on LUKE

The real slave master, keeping the human race in bondage, is death itself. Earthly tyrants borrow power from death to


Why we like Ben Witherington III and N.T. Wright even if we disagree with them

Mark Stevens writes, Brian LePort has been posting a series entitled  ‘Educating the Local Church‘. From what I can tell the


Charles Darwin, as told by N.T. Wright

He’s talking about this book… HT