When I say “myth”

Myth… <br /> This came up recently… When I say myth, I do not mean fiction. Rather, I mean taking


Bonhoeffer on speaking in pictures (myth?)

In my CTP class this morning, I tried to address the term “myth.” I think this is a difficult concept


Excerpts from “Joseph Campbell: The Power of Myth — with Bill Moyers” – The Ascension

For discussion… Would Bultmann be proud? Excerpts from “]]” MOYERS: But aren’t many visionaries and even leaders and heroes close


Jason, C. John Collins, and the need to have Adam

Jason has reviewed a book which fits into the recent discussion on the historical Adam: ]], (Phd, University of Liverpool)


Tim Keller, ANE Myths, τύπος, and the Mythological Adam

Tim Keller – THE GOSPEL COALITION – supports the allowance of science to teach about God’s Creation. Further, he understands


More on Infallibility and the Mythological Adam

Begin with this post here. Jason has replied here. I understand that is post is perhaps clarifying his position more


A Simple Definition of Myth

The first post of the day – “A myth, in its simplest definition, is a story with a meaning attached


A Mythical Adam? Yup

Easy enough – if you understand that myth doesn’t equal Zeus. And if you can except that storytelling is inspired,