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Surprised by a Kyrie Eleison

The local college station here has retro hour around lunch time.  Today the played Mister, Mister’s “Kyrie”; the tune sounded


My Song Is Love Unknown

I am traveling home today, so no real posts to speak of. Thought I might share a few things, though:


Orthopraxy – The Music of the Church

Continuing our discussion from here, we should be reminded that once we take out those ‘extrabiblical’ things, we must remove


I found a musical gem

I was looking for a song yesterday on Amazon.com, ‘Come Ye Sinners’, one of my childhood favorites that I rarely


Devotional – Chasing the Wind (6/23)

(NOTE TO READERS: I have created a new category, Devotional. It will be the parent directory of Sermon Notes, which