Facts and History for me, please

I was raised an anti-Trinitarian oneness guy. This view is based on ignorance of Christian Tradition, Scripture, and certain key


Is McGrath being fair or a monotheist?

In a subject likely to cause some heartache, the professor has decided to resurrect the controversy known as ‘Was Paul


Are you a monotheist or a henotheist?

Pastor Bob has a post up in response to something Miroslav Volf said. Read it here: Ponderings on a Faith

Religion and Politics

Miloslav Volf – Jehovah on Trial: Should we kill monotheism?

Image via Wikipedia While reading this book (which I will be posting on later), the first author mentioned that this


Monotheism and the Origin of Religion

I cam across this quote: Stephen Langdon, also of Oxford, concluded: “I may fail to carry conviction in concluding that


Review: Ancient Christian Doctrines Volume 1

I want to thank Intervaristy Press for this review copy. In the course of my studies, due to a long


Ecco Homo Echoes Paul

Michael has made several posts lately that has caused some stir in the blogosphere. In his latest, he is likely


Beginning Thoughts on The Only True God – Copernicium (5)

I have been reviewing James McGrath’s book, The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Context. While I