My NLT has more miracles than your KJV

Joel has a great question, The KJV uses the word “miracle” (or “miracles”) less than 30 times. The ESV, only


What Is Birthed When God Isn’t Presupposed

Found an excellent quote this past week: “Refusing to presuppose the sovereign God revealed in the Bible as the source


Acts 8 – Scriptures over Miracles

Humanity, as a whole, seeks things larger then themselves. Those professing the name of Christ seek evidence of God supernaturally


Knowing the Christian God

More often than not, it seems, those that profess Christianity and adhere to the Christian God go one to claim

Church History

Irenaeus on Miracle Workers

It behooves us to flee from them as we would from Satan. The greater the display with which they are

Church History

John Chrysostom on the Methods of Persuasion

And not even now persuade we by argumentation; but from the Divine Scriptures and from the miracles done at that