Say… about that Evolution cannot be proved thing…

The results, published in the current issue of Nature, are revealed through an in-depth, genomics-based analysis that decodes how E. coli bacteria figured out how to supplement a traditional diet of glucose with an extra course of citrate.

“It’s pretty nifty to see a new biological function evolve,” said Zachary Blount, postdoctoral researcher in MSU’s BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action. “The first citrate-eaters were just barely able to grow on the citrate, but they got much better over time. We wanted to understand the changes that allowed the bacteria to evolve this new ability. We were lucky to have a system that allowed us to do so.”

via Evolution is as complicated as 1-2-3.

Well, looks like it can.

Immediately, you’ll get calls that this is really adaptation. Oddly enough, I’d agree in theory – but adaption over extended periods of time lead to evolution. Further, as this is not a sentient being, how does it “know” to adapt? Ahhh… because of evolution.

Just more evidence of God’s continued creating process…

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