Review, “Transformation, The Heart of Paul’s Gospel” @logos @lexhampress

Have we missed St. Paul’s message… the proverbial forest for the trees? During the debate between New Perspective, Old Perspective,


Review of @ivpacademic’s Jesus Is the Christ: The Messianic Testimony of the Gospels

Dear readers, to be sure, I really did enjoy this book once I got past the first chapter. Further, I


In the Mail: @mbird12’s Jesus Is the Christ: The Messianic Testimony of the Gospels @ivpacademic

Got this yesterday in a package the USPS had to retape. Can’t wait to read it: Who do the Gospels

Justin Martyr

More on Ἀπομνημονεύματα and the Gospels

First, read here. Dr. Bird has responded. The reason the connection between Justin and the Socratic defense by Xenophon is


How I’m Almost Persuaded by Michael Bird on Progressive Reformed Justification

I had meant to include this in my reflection yesterday, but I forgot it. Anyway, this past semester, for a


“Justification: Five Views” The Progressive Reformed View (Leslie) @ivpacademic

Michael Bird begins his defense of the Progressive Reformed View by getting right down to business and defining his terms. To


Justification: Five Views – Progressive Reformed @ivpacademic (Joel)

Bird, so far, is the only one to mention the role which the atonement plays into justification. His writing style


“Justification: Five Views:” The Traditional Reformed View @ivpacademic

Michael Horton is nothing if not honest. In the very first paragraph of his defense of the Traditional Reformed View