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Catholic Church in Austria to become Methodist

Or at least it would seem… They have issued a Call to Disobedience which has as its points: to pray

John Wesley

Abraham declares Wesleyan Theology Dead

In a comment today, John Poirier notes something which Abraham had said. I found this article similar to the report,

John Wesley

John Wesley on why Christianity fails

From one of his sermons: Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? Why then is not


In the Mail: The Sound of (Methodist) Music….

Thanks to Michael at the University of Illinois press, From the product description: Providing new insight into the Wesley family,

John Wesley

Erasmus of Arcadia, John Wesley and Apostolic Succession

A few Sunday’s ago, we were talking about the importance (to some) of Apostolic Succession, who one wondered how Methodism