Scratchpad: Exegesis of 2nd Samuel 7.4-17 lxx – Suggestions?

We are required to submit notes this go around. I wouldn’t mind some helpful suggestions… 2nd Samuel 7.4-17 Preliminary Observations:

Psalms of Solomon

Messianic Pre-Existence in the Psalms of Solomon

Only sharing snippets of what I am working on ‘behind the scenes’…. I brought this topic up last week on

Psalms of Solomon

Psalms of Solomon, Psalm 17-18 – Analysis

Psalm 17 – A Psalm. Pertaining to Salomon. With an Ode. Pertaining to the king. The seventeenth psalm represents the


Psalms of Solomon, Psalm 11 – Analysis

Psalm 11 – Pertaining to Salomon. Regarding Expectation. Nickelsburg does not see a reference to a Davidic King in this


Incarnational Fulfillment of the Prophets – A Conversation (Repost)

Rob Reid and Paula Fether have burst unto the scene, or seen?, with a conversation concerning prophecies. He would: “like

Psalms of Solomon

Theology in the Psalms of Solomon – Conclusion

Conclusion The New Testament was not written in a vacuum, but written to very religious communities, created and maintained through

Psalms of Solomon

Messianic Expectation in the Psalms of Solomon (2)

I have divided the 18th Psalm into three sections according to the natural pericope of the text. While the Psalm

Psalms of Solomon

Messianic Expectation in the Psalms of Solomon (1)

Messianic Expectation: It was a time of sectarian violence, of political intrigue and of the loss of Israel’s mission to