Literary Criticism as a path forward for Textual Criticism?

Tom is an interesting cat. I think he would like to, filled with a profound sense of mistrust, dispense with


Day 2 – Loren Stuckenbruck – the Jesus Conference #jesuscriteria

Dr. Loren Stuckenbruck begins our session today, following the opening remarks by Alicia Myers, United Theological Seminary. He is speaking

Society and Religion

Casey 1, Thompson 0

In a recent article in this journal, Thomas Thompson wrote what he described as ‘A Response to Bart Ehrman,’though the connection


Maurice Casey’s essay on the Myth of Carrier

The presentation of this view has changed radically in recent years, led by hopelessly unlearned people. It has two major

Society and Religion

Maurice Casey – Most proponents are extraordinarily incompetent

He is speaking about mythicists, but over all, I suspect the book is something that nearly everyone should read. ]]