95 Theses Nailed to the Door, October 31, 1517

Today is Reformation Day – enjoy. Out of love for the truth and the desire to bring it to light,


Martin Luther – Here I Stand

Martin Luther, for all of his faults, and those who followed him, accomplished more than many who had gone before


Luther’s way of teaching Pastors and Parishoners the Faith: The Small Catechism

One way to bring back essential Catholic Christian teaching is to bring back the Catechism. All these seeker sensitive, emergent

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Martin Luther on #Lent

This just goes to show you how much better Luther was than his lackeys, you know, Calvin and that Zwinugil


Resources for Luther (Sunday School)

Because I may need this later, I wanted to break my usual Sunday fast of blogging and post a few

Logos Bible Software

New from @Logos @LogosLutheran

I’ve been watching closely as Logos has been releasing these new packages and I was super excited when I checked


John Meunier, my friend, you aren’t (the apocryphal) Martin Luther

John writes, …I cannot arrive at any conviction other than the one that says sodomy is a sin… …But his