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No, you shouldn’t have to accept @PastorMark’s apology

Jonathan Merritt writes, When Christians have grown so bitter toward someone that we can’t even accept their apologies, something has gone


Leave Mars Hill alone (Driscoll is fair game though)

This will probably be the last time you see me being complimentary or defensive about Mars Hill Church, but it’s


“No one can come to the Father but by me” – Mark Driscoll, 3:16

The hubris of Driscoll knows no bounds… the man is hardly a pastor, but more like a dictator. Further, the

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Dr. Robert R. Cargill, ’nuff said @pastormark #manlymen

Yesterday, led by Rachel Held Evans, Twitter, Facebook, and the Blogosphere erupted over the continued statements by Mark Driscoll. manI

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Confession: @PastorMark, I collected beanie babies.

I also cry when my friends die like Jesus did, and at the movie Beaches which if Christ would see