Gender Issues

What actually makes for a happy marriage? Feminism or Masculinity? Leading or Participating?

I agree that a biblical marriage would lead to a happy marriage, but of course what actually constitutes a ‘biblical’


Trending Polygamy and the final nail in Sola Scriptura’s coffin?

I’ve asked my wife about this, and frankly, this morning, I’m surprised I can still breathe, let a lone type.

John Chrysostom

John Chrysostom on Loving your wife

From the – but, I note that John says nothing about what to do when your wife reads Jim’s

Society and Religion

Infographic on Why Do Marriages Fall Apart

A couple of different infographics at the site below, but this one I found interesting: I don’t feel so bad


The Theology of a Good Marriage

Another song that I heard recently – and as I listened, I heard to me something that seemed like a


Thoughts on The Five Love Languages

The author of this book, Gary Chapman, became aware of the five love languages from years of experience as a


Is Marriage Bliss? No, Marriage is Sanctification

Is marriage bliss? No, bliss is fantasy. It is what thrill seekers alway need yet never find. It is what

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Love’s Language – The Royal ‘We’

Micki Sievwright has a new set of wheels that her husband constantly refers to as “my truck.” The same goes