20th century reading reveals super-secret details of the life of an allegorical novella

By now, you’ve read that Simcha Jacobovici ¬†and Barrie Wilson are publishing a new book along with a new documentary


The Only 2 Marks that matter on GMark

Dr. Goodacre has provided us this. I personally thank the good Lord for all of the snow that has lead

Gospel Criticism

Why the Farrer-Goulder and Goodacre theory is a “better” methodology

I am in the midst of a lot of outside things at the moment and cannot contribute like I would

Gospel Criticism

Before you go on in the Q discussion…”On Dispensing with Q”

This essay must accompany your discussion, along with any of ]] books on Gospel origins, including his recent on on


@goodacre on Jacobovici and Wilson’s “Lost Gospel”

I’d usually just retweet this, but you need to read this. NT Blog: Jacobovici and Wilson’s “Lost Gospel”. Why? Because


More with the non-Gnostic Thomas and Watson @eerdmansbooks

The more I read, the less I believe anyone in the near future will have enough newness to add to

Society and Religion

Some of the consultants for #thebible series

They include a variety, it seems, such as Mark Goodacre and Candida Moss. Goodacre has a series of posts up


@eerdmansbooks’s interview with @goodacre

As you recall, I placed Mark Goodacre’s book as my top book for 2012. It is just that important to