God Wins: Chapter 1 – No Questions.

Before you read this reflection on Chapter 1, you can actually read the chapter here. As I noted in a


God Wins – Chapter 1 – Rodney’s view

The fact is is that Galli is not writing this book out of pastoral concerns, but from a journalist’s perspective,


Quote of the Day: Mark Galli, The Bible is…

Mark Galli, in the introduction to his book, writes, The Bible is a book full of mystery and wonder. If


God Wins: The Dedication and Introduction Examined and Refuted

Over the next week or so, I will be posting various posts on this particular book which has been recently


Mark Galli – Our Atonement Theories Inform Our Worldview

No doubt we can see this. Do we see Christ as a triumphant victor over the powers or do we

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An Introduction to Mark Galli

In 2009, Mockingbird had an exclusive interview with ]]. I am fearful of posting too much on Galli as a


Mark Galli on the Emergent Church

From here: Well, certainly emergent folks like to think of themselves as breaking away from Evangelicalism, but there’s so much

Religion and Politics

God Wins, but will Mark Galli?

My good friends at Tyndale House has decided to publish a book from a ‘big-tent Christian’, Mark Galli, which aims