No, you shouldn’t have to accept @PastorMark’s apology

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Jonathan Merritt writes,

When Christians have grown so bitter toward someone that we can’t even accept their apologies, something has gone seriously wrong. If Driscoll had ignored these comments, his critics would have excoriated him for his silence. But when he says he is sorry, they criticize him still. We must refuse to create lose-lose situations for each other where one is damned if they apologize and damned if they don’t.

When Merritt is writing the stuff I like, he is dead on… but when he is clearly in the wrong, I’m going to disagree with him.

In all seriousness, I admire Jonathan’s take and believe that over all, if the situation was different, I would support him and his call to accept Driscoll’s apology. However, I am not a parishioner in anyway of Driscoll’s. He is not my pastor, my mentor, my boss — shoot, the only time I read his garbage is when I have to read it via a secondary source. Driscoll has yet to “sin against” me in anyway. He did not insult me, berate me, or abuse my money to buy his way to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

I know better (now) than to put myself in that situation.

To suggest I should accept his apology to colonize the hurt and harm he has caused others. This is not my hurt, this is not my harm, this is not my apology. I’m not sure I can even suggest to those he destroyed that they accept his apology because I’m not there. I’m not in their shoes. They’re the ones who have to decide for themselves.

Further proof @PastorMark is truly repentant

Thanks to the intrepid reporting by Warren Throckmorton, we now know the totaly unrelated puff piece of the totally repentant Mark Driscoll is not.

Who really wrote this puff piece on how beleaguered Mark Driscoll is being attacked by “the enemy within” (AKA Janet Mefferd and the former members and leaders of Mars Hill Church).  Is it Bill Roberts or Russ Jones or did Lyall Mercer really write it?

Read the rest. It is is absolutely needed.

Just how morally bankrupt is @pastormark?

Seattle’s Mars Hill Church paid a California-based marketing company at least $210,000 in 2011 and 2012 to ensure that Real Marriage, a book written by Mark Driscoll, the church’s founding pastor, and his wife Grace, made the New York Times best-seller list….

….The details of the agreement between Mars Hill and Result Source are complicated. Result Source received a fee of $25,000 to coordinate a nationwide network of book buyers who would purchase Real Marriage at locations likely to generate reportable sales for various best-seller lists, including the New York Times list. Mars Hill also paid for the purchase of at least 11,000 books ranging in price from $18.62 to $20.70…

via WORLD Mobile | Unreal sales for Driscoll’s Real Marriage | March 5, 2014.

To be fair, this tactic is used by others – such as Sarah Palin. Driscoll, as of late, has been involved in several instances that should prevent him from pastoring. He has lied, plagiarized, and now it appears attempted to manipulate the system with phony book sales made with money from tithes and offerings.


How is @PastorMark connected to the Church of Satan and Rand Paul?

Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan us...
Anton LaVey also stole his look from Ming the Merciless

Some accuse LaVey of paraphrasing the Nine Satanic Statements from Rand’s Atlas Shrugged without acknowledgement. LaVey later affirmed the connection with Rand’s ideas by stating that LaVeyan Satanism was “just Ayn Rand’s philosophy, with ceremony and ritual added”.

via Greed Prompted The Writing and Publishing Of The Satanic Bible | David Paul Kirkpatrick’s Living In The Metaverse.

David Kirkpatrick posted an eye-opening read today.

And of course, my mind took a devilish turn. It seems greed and haste to make money more money produces plagiarism. We all know of Mark Driscoll’s plagiarism… well, we do but Tyndale House is still standing by their golden calf… and we know of Rand Paul’s plagiarism as well. And we know of others who use ghost writers.

Why is it that people are simply allowed to get away with this?

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Another day, another publisher investigates @PastorMark

Warren Throckmorton points out on his blog, that Crossway is investigating charges about Driscoll’s plagiarism while pointing us to an article on Religion Dispatches:

In an email exchange, Crossway stated, “We are in touch with Mars Hill and are conducting an internal review to ensure that our books published by Mark Driscoll have proper citation and documentation.” So far, NavPress, publisher of Wounded Heart, has not issued a response regarding Driscoll’s use of that book without proper citation, nor has Thomas Nelson commented about these latest allegations of plagiarism committed by its #1 New York Times bestselling author, and why it appears to have failed to fact check Driscoll’s books prior to publication.

via Will Christian Publishers Stand Behind Mars Hill’s Sketchy Legacy? | Culture | Religion Dispatches.

And yet, Tyndale House refuses to budge. Sure, at one time, it may have been a money issue, but now it  appears to be a pride issue. And you know what follows pride…

Both articles are necessary to understand just how silly and unChristian it is that Tyndale continues to stand behind a guy who lies, steals, and throws his friends under the bus.

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