Church History

Thought for the Day: I hate those who are different from me

From the Didache (early 2nd century), Chapter 1.


Is this your presentation of Calvinism?

During the course of biblioblogging, I have met some real fine Reformed people. I am almost persuaded to explore Calvinism


Does God Still Love the Wayward Christian?

This post in response to a comment on another post. It is directed towards me as anyone, but I hope


A Quote for Saturday

“ Life without love is death. To love is to be in the light; to hate is to remain in


The Church Across the Street

I want to share with you a song that I heard today, song by Susan Whisnant – but you may


In Defense of Love : Video Summation

The Robot Pirate Ninja, more commonly known as Roy has issued a video summation of his argument in defense of


Guilt and Grief

I work in the Coal Industry, in the safety aspect of it, and I have seen instances of those in


The Prevenient Grace of my Life

Prevenient grace is divine grace which precedes human decision. It exists prior to and without reference to anything humans may