God Wins Chapter 7 – No questions, Bad Theology, Bad History, No Context

The review of the last chapter, 5, came in at over 3000 words. I don’t think that chapter had that

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Kevin has perhaps the best line of any review of Rob Bell’s Book… In the end, “Harper Wins” He goes


God Wins Chapter 6 – No Questions, Yes to Paradoxes, but don’t look at them

At the end of this chapter-by-chapter response to God Wins, I will post a review in which I will try


God Wins Chapter 5 – The Pitfalls of Literalism

The hermeneutical trend of reading the bible in such a way as to take literal the words on paper allowing


God Wins Chapter 4 – Calvinism ≠ Biblical, Galli’s view ≠ Bell’s words

I am hesitant to post such a title, especially about Calvinism, especially since I do think that Calvinism contains biblical


God Wins Chapter 3 – Mischaracterizations, Hypocrisy and the Substitutionary Atonement

With three chapters completed, I have become convinced that Galli hasn’t read Love Wins, or has read Love Wins in

Society and Religion

Mickey Maudlin on Love Wins

As a young evangelical, I was socialized to see the biggest threat to the church as theological liberalism. But now

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Roger E. Olson on God Wins

Dr. Olson is a friend of Mark Galli, not that that actually seems to matter as he generally is pretty