Forty Days In Scripture – Forty Days Until Something #lent

Lent is based upon the forty days of ‘x’ found in Scripture. It is not just the forty days spent


Lenten Lament for the Worker and the Weak #Lent

Lent is supposed to be a time for lament. Lament doesn’t generally occur when you are victorious, does it? Oh,


No, being Evangelical Is Not Enough #lent

I discovered that the ancient Church teaches just what the New Testament teaches on the point, namely, that fasting is


Prayer for Shrove Tuesday

I found this, rather old, and thought it fitting: Lord, give us grace to inaugurate with holy fasting the defenses

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If you see a Catholic eating meat today …

leave them alone.  Today is actually a solemnity and the normal rules concerning fasting from meat during Lent do not