What’s Up With The Narrative Lectionary?

In my wonderings around the interweb last night, I stumbled across the Narrative Lectionary. My curiosity was peaked and so

John Wesley

John Wesley and the Lectionary

John Wesley and the Lectionary? Oh yes. In delivering the Sunday Service to the American Methodists, at the same time

Sermon Notes

Lectionary Preaching – Preparing for Christ the King Sunday, The Quas Primas

I have one more sermon to preach for this class. It will occur on 25 November which is Christ the

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Last night I was looking for a way to put the Revised Common Lectionary into my iOS calendars. Guess what?


The Lectionary Speaks to us today

This week’s epistle reading in the Revised Common Lectionary speaks particularly to this weekend’s tragedy – First reading and Psalm