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some nice #Latin resources on @LogosPrePub

For those of you interested in learning a really important ancient language, like Greek, but somewhat easier… First, here. New


Review: Latin Commentaries on Revelation (Ancient Christian Texts) @ivpress

One of the greatest contributions to the academic mind of the Church these last few years has been the publication

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The Lucifer which is Christ

In a recent email exchange, I was hit with: If you believe in Lucifer then the green movement is for

Fourth Century

An Exposition of Faith: A New English Translation (Chapter 2 Begins)

I am starting the translation of chapter 2 for the Marcellian document, Exposition of Faith, and I am running into


Latin that makes you think: Excruciating

From wiki (and here): Crucifixion was almost never performed for ritual or symbolic reasons outside of Christianity, but usually to


A Common Dialog: Is God a substance?

The ‘divine riddle’ of classic Trinitarians is ‘three substances; one essence’ to which many Modalists (many not knowing exactly what