The King James Version has made the Greek Obsolete

In this post, I just found out that a KJVO Bible college has just made it public that they will not be teaching Greek in preparing men for ministry because their preserved KJV Bible for the English speaking people makes Greek obsolete. This is the official statement of Grace Baptist College in Gaylord Michigan. (from here)

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The Great Lies of KJVO

Some of the greatest lies told by the KJVO movement, promulgated by Ruckman and Riplinger, are those about Westcott and Hort. For example, this blogger has bought hook, line, and sinker what the KJVO camp is putting out. Note that he, without any real evidence, places everyone who reads anything but the KJV (please, pick a year and a publisher) into the camp of the damned:

If you are reading one of these versions, it is a compilation of the work of Satan, Demons, drunks, necromancers, channelers, ghost followers, Nazi staff members, Lucifer worshipers, Plato, Origin, Philo, and many other NEW AGE (demon inspired) thinkers who want nothing more than to bring in a One World Government under a New World Order, with the Anti-Christ as the ruler of the world, and Marxism as the world political system. What angers me the most is that supposedly God fearing ministers of the Gospel have, like the Pied Piper, led their congregations by a passive attitude that will open up the door to the religion of the Anti-Christ one day.

He goes on to quote Riplinger who quotes Westcott and Hort. Like most KJVO’ers, she (who I find an odd sort to be followed by fundamentalists who insist that women cannot teach and divorce is not an option. Yeah, check her marriage count) takes quotes out-of-place and contextualizes them according to her purpose. So, read the blog above and then check out the numerous sites, such as this one, which gives you the full quotes, not just a bit and a piece here or there.

The New KJVO Movement

For those of you who know of Peter ‘ I burn God’s Word’ Fuhrman, he is visiting blogs and forums under the name of PeterAV. Recently, he posted a comment to a fellow-blogger’s site suggesting that the only real KJV was the PCE one, which arrived on the scene only in 1900.

You can find the discussion, in part here.

So now, it is not the KJV-1611 or the Oxford or Cambridge, etc… but the 1900 Pure Cambridge Edition (PCE) which is the final authority. I mean final, this time, not like the many finals before the PCE, but really final. Finally.

More on the KJVO Book Burning Craziness (Video)

Let me preface that while I might not like some of the authors/books or even a few of the translations listed, I would not burn them. This is the extent of the hatred that the KJVO mentality produces.

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