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If the King James was good enough for Jesus, burn the rest

I find this move by this ‘pastor’ as disgusting as you can get.


More on the KJVO Book Burning Craziness (Video)

Let me preface that while I might not like some of the authors/books or even a few of the translations


How to move your congregation from the KJV to a ‘better translation’?

Fr. Stephen shared this video today, and how important it is. I am not sure if Piper has ever heard

Bible Translation

The Things I Missed as King James Version Onlyist: God's Sovereignty

For years, while I attended KJVO congregations, I heard ‘God will work, but who will let Him?’ Obviously, they paraphrased


Reprobation in the New Living Translation

We will be discussing several passages today, to see if the NLT measures up in understanding (mine or Paul’s?) reprobation

Bible Translation

Vetting the New Living Translation (NLT)

As many of my readers know, I come from a King James Only background (KJVO). It took me several years

Bible Translation

A Bit of Comparison Between the KJV Translators and the KJVO Movement

The PDF can be found here. When the King James Version of the Bible came off the press of Robert


Great Discussion on the King James Version Only Myth

CD-Host has started a conversation with a well known KJVO defender, Will Kinney. Mr. Kinney has, for years, lurked on