King James Version Onlyism – The Paper what will Change the Course of History

So this post was originally the paper – but now it is in this book:


The Millenary Petition and why it’s important to women ministers

I’m currently writing a paper on KJV Onlyism and came across the Millenary Petition which supposedly was the initiator for


Contrary to Opinion, the KJV WAS NOT published in 33ad

Seventeen percent of those surveyed believe the King James Bible was first released shortly after the time of Christ. Younger


Jack the Ripper, Revised Version 1881, and KJVO Foolishness

Over at the KJVO Debate Blog, this comment was posted: I would think 1881 is a good year to note


KJV-Onlyism and Imperialism

Yep… Recently, there was a bit of a lively discussion when I suggested that some people take the KJVO position


The King James Version has made the Greek Obsolete

In this post, I just found out that a KJVO Bible college has just made it public that they will


The Great Lies of KJVO

Some of the greatest lies told by the KJVO movement, promulgated by Ruckman and Riplinger, are those about Westcott and


The New KJVO Movement

For those of you who know of Peter ‘ I burn God’s Word’ Fuhrman, he is visiting blogs and forums