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Oh, so that’s why @AiGKenHam is so upset with @Pontifex…

The Holy Father has once again amazed people by being Catholic. No one was more shocked by this revelation than


#Noah is unapologetically theological (first thoughts)

Noah is the first major, at least modern, representation of the tragedy, the horror, the genocide that is the Great Deluge


Nothing, not even God

Peter Enns has linked to and then offered some thoughts on this video. The views expressed in the video about


Cosmology or Biology? Did we miss something in the “Origins” Debate?

Before you and I start with this post, read this one. My favorite academic dean has written a post to


Games for the Ham-On-Nye debate tonight

Game 1 HT RJW via FB Game 2: A drinking game… Every time Ham says the phrase “the bible says”

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Ken Ham, idolator and mythicist

He begins by quoting John 1.1 in the NKJV. Not the Greek, but a translation. As such, he writes, In


If for no other reason, watch Noah because of @AiGKenHam’s freakout

This is the trailer: Ham is characteristically freaking out – almost as much as the Dagon worshipers in one of


Quote of the Day – Bryan Bibb

If people really knew the Bible, con-men like Joel Osteen and Ken Ham would be out of business. – Bryan