In the Mail: The Wonder of the Universe: Hints of God in Our Fine-Tuned World

This looks to be a fine volume. Get it! Like detectives sleuthing out the greatest mystery of all, scientists over


Karl Giberson, Ph.D: Rebuilding the Evangelical Mind Requires Courage

Can you tell that I’m getting a lot from this book? The connection of philosophy and theology – and thinking,


Is Tony Breeden Anti-Semitic?

It certainly seems so. I mean, I’ve met him in person and he isn’t a dullard in the intelligence department…


Sunday School: Language of Science and Faith, Faith and Evolution

I found this quote, from the introduction, to be soundly interesting – Contrary to widespread misunderstanding and confident assertions y


Karl Giberson on Optional Facts for Christians

This kind of critical thinking about sources and expertise is essential in navigating the complexity of our modern scientific world


Review: The Language of Science and Faith

In this book, the authors, Francis S. Collins and Karl W. Giberson, lay the foundation for Biologos and the scientific


McKnight on Mohler on The Language of Science and Faith

Here we see a real problem. Giberson and Collins did not say that only a dead and lifeless text can


Closing Thoughts on The Language of Science and Faith

The final chapter in this book tells a modern Creation story, serving as a summary to the entirety of the