D.M. Baillie – Personality, Modes or Social Trinity?

Recently, I found Baillie’s monumental book on Christology and have only really flipped through it, but what I’ve found touches

Religion and Politics

The Theological Declaration of Barmen

Today, 31 May, is the anniversary of the Theological Declaration of Barmen. Read it. Read the history surrounding it. While


Barth on Theological Adversaries

I sincerely believe that my theological world has been made the better from engaging with theologians, professors, books, blogs, and


Karl Barth on Theologians

“In the Church of Jesus Christ there can and should be no non-theologians” – Karl Barth


Karl Barth on Hell

“Should the teaching about hell be a part of the proclamation of the gospel? No, no, no! The proclamation of


Barth on Ideology

comes about as thinks he can and should ascribe to the presuppositions and sketches he has achieved by his remarkable


Barth – God was with us

God was with us, with us His enemies, with us who were visited and smitten by His wrath. God was


Review: The Early Preaching of Karl Barth: Fourteen Sermons with Commentary by William H. Willimon

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