Willimon on the Political Victory of the Cross

This may be difficult for some to hear, but the Northern Alabama Bishop writes that these man-made principalities are nothing


Willimon’s Understanding of Barth’s Rationalizing of his universalism

Among the first things which I learned as a ‘biblioblogger’ (or rather from a biblioblogger?) is to understand the speaker,


Willimon on Salvation as a Theological Narrative, not Anthropological

A commentator noted a few of these posts ago that Willimon liked Narrative Theology. I am not always a fan


Karl Barth on Hitler’s Forgiveness

Admittedly, this is an interpretation of Barth, but I would be interested in hearing from others if they have other


Mark Galli – Our Atonement Theories Inform Our Worldview

No doubt we can see this. Do we see Christ as a triumphant victor over the powers or do we

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An Introduction to Mark Galli

In 2009, Mockingbird had an exclusive interview with ]]. I am fearful of posting too much on Galli as a


Willimon, Powers, and maybe not going far enough

I am not a Willimon expert, but I have to wonder if he is not an adherent to Christus Victor.

John Wesley

Abraham declares Wesleyan Theology Dead

In a comment today, John Poirier notes something which Abraham had said. I found this article similar to the report,