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Webster on Barth’s view of Lex Orandi

How in the world anyone can disagree with lex orandi,  I don’t know… Barth, of course, in his late writings on

John Wesley

Dear UMC: Please No New Denominations

Personal Note This is the first time I’m writing a blog post for Unsettled Christianity—or any blog post, for that


Barth on the failure of hope

Lately, as I lose faith, I gain hope — if that makes sense. Oftentimes, I see people confusing faith with


Quote of the day… Barth and the essentials

Ht DM via Fb


On Not Reading Barth – Or, Academic Fundamentalism

I know… my response is going to get me some guffaws from some of my friends. Before you read what


Dialectical and Sacramental worship: The Way Worship Should Be….

In theory the worship experience in the United Methodist Church should present us with a constant exposure to both dialectical


Karl Barth at the Movies: Flight

If you can skip the first five to ten minutes of it, where there is needless nudity, the entirety of the movie


Roger E. Olson on the “minor heresy” of universalism

I think universalism is a minor heresy SO LONG AS it does not interfere with evangelism. (See my earlier post