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The Eruv Rav.

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Punching St. Paul in the head…

Yes, a strange thing to say, but it comes from the lyrics of this song. From Jeff’s website, Jeff Simmonds


Temple temptations

Israel | Temple temptations | Temple temptations Aug 14th 2008 | JERUSALEM From The Economist print edition The issue

Church Government

Call no man Father; Call no man Teacher

Some background, first. Start here. Then go here. This is not intended to be a rebuttal or a response, just


Devotional – Christ, the only way (7/28)

Now a woman, having a flow of blood for twelve years, who had spent all her livelihood on physicians and


Origins of Our Faith The Hebrew Roots of Christianity

Origins of Our Faith The Hebrew Roots of ChristianityHonestly, how decieved can you be? The Author’s points are to say


Centrality of the Church to the Christian, Pt 2 Union

Pt 1 here The Church is Central to the Christian in order to provide salvation to the Gentiles Therefore remember


Unus Deus – Genesis 1:26 – Who, with whom and what?

What follows is a move to answering Trinitarian arguments on Genesis 1.26. This is not complete and should not be