Working on my #SBLAAR (2014) paper, “There and Back Again, A Jesus Tale: The Poetics of Apologetic Reversal”

I will propose Mark is borrowing two well-known and horrible entries into Jerusalem. First up, Mark 11.1-17: Καὶ ὅτε ἐγγίζουσιν


Contra Feldman – R. Pearse

Roger concludes, In short, the argument put forward by Prof. Feldman is interesting but unconvincing.  The data does not require


Josephus, Dean Printer, and Luke, but no Farrer (Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not @ivpacademic)

Admittedly, I have never read Dean Printer before, but I have read Josephus and I have read Luke. When it


Josephus and Paul go to Rome

In 64 CE, Paul stood before Felix as both a Jew and a Roman (Acts 23.23-35), mired in a conspiracy

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Blogging my Book: Does Josephus record when the Son of Man returned?

YES. ..I suppose the account of it would seem to be a fable, were it not related by those who

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Now, that is a famine

So, cannibalism wasn’t enough… No, the inhabitants of Jerusalem turned to something else…  They also invented terrible methods of torments to


Summery of Portents in Josephus and in the Gospels – S.V. McCasland

This is a review, for memory’s sake, of an article related to my eventual thesis. Entitled, Portents in Josephus and


Exegesis Mark 5.1-20 – Part 3 – Josephus and Mark, Dueling Propagandists

The History of Vespasian and Simon bar Giora according to Josephus According to Josephus, the soon-to-be Roman Emperor advanced on