Who makes the Resurrection all about Jesus? Simcha does

I dvr’d the Nightline News program and watched it first thing this morning. (Reactions here, here, here, here, here and


$imcha gives a prime example of the Theory of Motivated Reasoning

Here… Here he points out that if someone would just give him sound correction, he’d listen, but since so many

Society and Religion

$imcha, in 2007, “prophesied” regarding the “Apostles’ Tomb”

Guess what…. From the youtube page… While looking for the Jesus family tomb, movie maker Simcha Jacobovici tells us how


I’m going with hype and speculation for $imcha

Dr. Cargill and others have been buys debunking the latest pre-Easter hype from Simcha and Associates (Archeologists and Photoshoppers, Inc).