I don’t think John Loftus knows how to read

John, in his use berating and disgusting tone, has weighed in to say, one more time, that he has quit.


John Loftus, Quitter

Our good friend, John Loftus, has declared that since he had made no head way in his war on Christianity,


John Loftus v. Jim West 2011

So, Jim posted something this morning calling for the death of atheists everywhere, including but limited to the practical ones.


Sam Harris’ major blows against William Lane Craig *sic* At John Loftus‘ blog linked above, a guy raised these points as Sam Harris‘ “major blows”. ‚óŹ But first:


I don’t believe in Loftus’ god either

The title of John’s post is, Devastating Tsunami Hits Japan. You Want Evidence There Isn’t a Good Omnipotent God? Here


The Human Faces of God – Stark answers Loftus

Please note, that after I am finished with this giveaway (Feb 25th), I will be giving away Thom’s book (great


Debunking Loftus: No Hope that Atheism Will Win

Image via Wikipedia I want to follow up on this post by Loftus (see my first one here). His third


Debunking Loftus: A REASON Why Atheism Won’t Win

Image via Wikipedia John Loftus, in a sorta response to this article, has posted several reasons why he believes that